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How to use this brochure
Navigate the alphabetical list to find your: Career/study interestInformation on related programmes; Duration of studyAdmission requirements applicable to your choice. All qualifications are colour-coded in the faculty colours where they are offered (refer to the faculty key). Additional admission requirements may be added or may be changed at the faculty’s discretion. Please consult the faculty prospectus, website, or contact the university for more information.

How do I apply?
Complete a prescribed NMMU application form. Include certified copies of your identity document and school reports. Ensure that you meet the minimum academic admission requirements or that your APS falls within the required testing band before submitting your application form. Provide proof that you have paid the prescribed application fee. Get your application form to the Admissions Office before the closing date. Once you’ve submitted your form, you may be required to write an access assessment test. Admission or acceptance is subject to meeting the minimum admission requirements, outcome of the access assessment test and the Admission Point Score (APS) as determined by the faculty. Submitting a completed application form does not imply that you have been accepted as a student, or that you may register. All applicants will be notified, in writing, of the outcome of their application. Below you will find the minimum statutory admission requirements based on the type of Grade 12 certificate you have. Faculties may also require additional admission requirements for a specific qualification.

NCV language requirements
While NMMU is committed to multilingualism, the predominant language of learning and teaching is English. Entrance requirements are met by obtaining a rating of at least 4 (50-59%) or better in English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa as a first additional language level for higher certificate and diploma entry and a 5 (60-69%) for degree entry.

Accounting / Accountancy (Also see: Chartered Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Internal Auditing and Financial Information Systems) * (also offered at George Campus) Higher Certificate (Accountancy) Full-time 2 years Part-time 3 years Full-time 1 year Part-time 2 years Full-time 3 years Part-time 5 years Full-time 4 years Part-time 5 years Full-time 5 years 38 32 English/ Afr/ Xhosa (Home Lang / 1st Add Lang) – 3 Mathematics – 4 Mathematical Literacy – 6 Higher Certificate (Accountancy) English/ Afr/ Xhosa (Home Lang/ 1st Add Lang) – 3 Mathematics – 4 Mathematical Literacy – 6 English/ Afr/ Xhosa (Home Lang/ 1st Add Lang) – 3 Mathematics – 5 English/ Afr/ Xhosa (Home Lang/1st Add Lang) – 3 Mathematics – 5 28 – 37 22 – 31 Dip (Accounting) or BCom: General (Accounting & Related subjects)* or BCom (Accounting for Chartered Accountants)* plus Honours Accounting (Rationum) (Chartered Accounting plus one of the following majors: Business Management/ Economics, Computer Science & Information Systems or Law) Advertising (Communication) BCom (Rationum) plus Honours

Business Management (continued)

BCom (Rat) or BCom: General (Business Management) or BCom (Marketing Management) or BCom (Information Systems)

Full-time 4 years Full-time 3 years Full-time 3 years Full-time 3 years

38 38 38 38

English/Afr/Xhosa (Home Lang/1st Add Lang) – 3 Mathematics – 5 English/Afr/Xhosa (Home Lang/1st Add Lang) – 3 Mathematics – 5 See Marketing Management See Information Systems

30 – 37 28 – 37 28 – 37 28 – 37

Senior Certificate
Applicants will need at least a Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent schoolleaving qualification for admission to a higher certificate or diploma programme, and matriculation endorsement/exemption for admission to a degree programme. If an N3 Certificate was obtained, these results, together with the applicant’s Grade 12 language results, are used. Faculties also require specific subject requirements for some...
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