Rubber Band Stretch

Topics: Measurement, Rubber band, Stationery Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Rubber Band Stretch Lab
I believe the rubber band will expand as marbles are placed inside the cup. Procedure:
1. Gather together a ruler, marbles, a rubber band, an untwisted paper clip that forms an ‘S’ and a plastic cup. First, poke a hole in the cup, near the top where you drink. 2. Attach an untwisted paper clip to a rubber band, and loop the rubber band through a hole in the cup. 3. Place the untwisted paper clip on the edge of a table, so the cup and rubber band are dangling off the edge. 4. Take the ruler and measure, in centimeters, how long the rubber band is and record this measurement. 5. Next, place 5 marbles in the cup and measure the rubber band again. It should have stretched out more. Record this measurement. 6. Place 5 more marbles in the cup. There should be 10 marbles in the cup now. Measure the rubber band again and record the measurement. 7. Continue to put 5 more marbles in the cup and measure the rubber band. There should now be 15 marbles in the cup. Write down the measurement you just took. 8. Lastly, put 5 marbles in the cup again and measure the rubber bands length. There should be 20 marbles in the cup at this time. Write down the measurement that was just taken. Difficulties Encountered:

We encountered difficulties when we began to measure the rubber band incorrectly. However, this was immediately noticed and corrected. This could have been avoided if we were more careful measuring the rubber band.

Member Contribution:
Each of the members in our group had a specific job they were assigned before we began the experiment. We all had equal duties, whether it was measuring the rubber band, recording information or setting up everything for the experiment to commence.

At the closing stages of the lab, we noticed that when the cup had 15 marbles in it, the rubber band was longer than when it held 20 marbles. Therefore, the hypothesis was incorrect, and the rubber band did not...
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