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Team Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is due at the beginning of Class 7.

There are three problems from the textbook for this assignment. I suggest that you work on the problems on your own before you meet with your team. When you do meet with your team, you can discuss your answers and choose the best one or a combination of the best ones for your submission. Please attach each team member’s work to your submission.

Your team submission can be hand-written or computer generated or a combination of the two but it must be legible. Don’t worry about making your submission pretty – there are no marks for pretty. Make your team submission legible.

Here are my estimates of how long it should take you to complete this assignment:

Activity| Case 5-1| Problem 6-21| Case 6-3|
Individual preparation| 1 hour| 1 hour| 1.5 hours|
Team discussion| .5 hours| .5 hours| .5 hours|
Preparation of team submission| .5 hours| .5 hours| .5 hours | Total| 6.5 hours|

Please include the following tables on the front page of your submission:

Assignment| 2|
Section | |
E-mail address of team contact| |

Names and student numbers of team members (including team contact)| Last Name| First Name| Student Number|
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |

1. Case 5-1, page 224, Swan Systems (30 marks)

There may be some inaccuracies, uncertainties and contradictions in this case. If you find such problems, simply state your assumptions and proceed with the requirements. Calculate ROI and residual income (1) before any corporate allocations and (2) after corporate overhead allocations for each division. Then based on the results of your calculations, write a memo evaluating the relative performance of the three operating divisions. Assume the role of a Swan financial analyst and address the memo to the CEO of the company. Your memo should tell the CEO which division performed the best and which...
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