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Matthew Lee
Bio 10 - Study Guide 2
* What is a chromosome, chromatid, chromatin?chromosome is a thread like structure of nucleic acids holding information. Chromatin super coil material part of strand. Chromatid is one strand of the chromatin. * How do they change after S phase? Makes 2 chromatids * What are the stages of interphase? What happens in each stage?G1-cell growth,S phase-Synthesis,G2 prepare for division * What are the stages of mitosis? What happens at each stage?prophase –centrosome moves to side lose nuclear envelope form trectrans(diploid).Metaphase 46 chromosomes meet in the middle attached to spindle fibers.Anaphase 46diploids sister chromatids pull apart.Telophase cleavage furrow.Cytokinesis cytoplasm breaks apart parent cells become 2. * What is the ploidy level for chromosomes at different stages?Diploid 2n cells divide to produce haploid 1n reproductive cells. What is the difference in result between mitosis and meiosis?mitosis lines up chromatids while meiosis lines up homologous chromosomes.. What are the resulting cells called? mitosis=diploid while meiosis is haploid. * What is independent assortment?Is the random assortment of chromosomes when gamates are in production. Crossing over? The crossing over of chromosomes during meiosis in homologous pairs. When does it happen?Meiosis * Chromosomes that are the same size and function are called what?Homologous chromosomes * The process of forming sperm in humans is termed what? Egg production? Spermatogenesis and egg is oogenesis. GENETICS

* What is a genome? Complete set of genetic material in an organism * What is an autosome? How many pairs of autosomes are present in humans?Autosomes are not sex chromosomes and have 22 chromosomes * What are X-linked genes? Why would you see more in males than females?xlinked genes means more genes on the x then y. * What is the difference between sex and gender?Sex is biological...
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