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By | March 2012
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John McCord
I. Introduction

Thesis: Because of how British literature's history, leaders, major events, and people have impacted the world, it has evolved into a way of life that people go by everyday

II. How did religion effect peoples outlook on life A. the way that people took the writing told them about life 1. In the poems that were writing there was love for each other 2. Some talked about love and death and about the after life B. most poems told of people’s feelings about others 1. written in the song and my coy mistress was about love 2. The love about the female was forever alive or dead

III. Most writer in the romantic era had the same genres A. Alot of pieces written in this time was poetry 1. Poetry was more than just a group of words it was a person’s life 2. Poetry even caused some to kill themselves B. Some also wrote about fiction

1. Beowulf was one of those fiction stories
2. The Cadbury tales was a story of different parts of life coming together.

IV. People today use what they have been doing for hundreds of years A. now we use what they did in the 1600's in everyday use 1. The way that things where written now has us writing the same way they did hundreds of years ago

2. British literature is now used across the world B. The uses from writing has created how we have been communicating 1. People write to others and use words to have a way to talk 2. Letters where a big thing that British literature has made into a way of life to talk for many years

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