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Rta Suggestions

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RTA suggestions by shasha
2 focus :
* Inventory management
* Remanufacture process reengineering
Use DMAIC for these 2 focus respectively.
Inventory management
* ABC classification
* Inventory inflow and outflow management and method (important to inventory record accuracy) * Monitor and management the accuracy ( cycle counting)
Remanufacture process reengineering
* Investigate the current process ( flow diagram)
* Record operator patterns
* improvement

inventory management
problem:small and lacks organization and standardization
solution: Use ABC classification to reduce the total inventory problem:lacks storage/ slotting strategy
solution: rearrange the stockroom layout ( 2 facts to consider: the demand rate logic stock) the demand rate: the higher demand , the nearer to the window logic stock : the space can be divided into :

inventory for repair
inventory for remanufacture
inventory for transfer
problem: inventory inaccuracy( cycle counts are performed weekly and have an accuracy rate of 75%)

the reason for inventory inaccuracy is:
stockroom sometimes run by non-stocker
solution: train stockers and plan reasonable inventory management process mechanics may retrieve items themselves
solution: set regulation or put a lock on the gate and give one person the key. Nobody can pull parts without the transaction authorized and recorded. lack of record about items withdraw for repair , order or remanufacture solution: use order form paper and receive form paper and make sure each transaction is input the software. improve:

set goals ( according to experts, inventory accuracy for A items is ±0.2%, B items is ±1% and C items is ±5%), while, the current inventory accuracy now for Triskett district is only75%. It is intolerant. According to ABC classification, we should use different cycle counting degree , instead of the same as RTA current use. Here is an example for ABC parts in automobile manufacture


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