Rta & Business Excellence

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RTA and Business Excellence

 About EFQM

In business’s world businessmen and leaders are facing diverse challenges due to competitive business environment and lack of resources. EFQM is a framework and quality management tool leads to organizational excellence. Implementing EFQM allows organizations improving their performance and productivity by self assessment, evaluating current status, identifying weaknesses/ strengths on all levels through nine criteria: * Leadership 

* Strategy 
* People 
* Partnerships & Resources 
* Processes, Products and Services 
* Customer Results 
* People Results 
* Society Results 
* Business Results
Above criteria are divided in fife enablers and four results that supported by subordinate criteria. Moreover, leadership can analyze and link between the causes and effects by applying EFQM principles. In addition, EFQM created RADAR Logic which is a dynamic and powerful assessment tool in order to assist and scour subordinate criteria. RADAR is using four approaches as listed below: * Plan and develop approaches

* Deploy approaches
* Assess and refine approaches and deployment
* Required results

About the company:

During the past years Dubai became one of the fastest growing cities in today’s world where it started to attract investors and businessmen to establish and manage their business. Also it became the finest and desirable tourist destination attracts families from all over the world. As a result Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was formed in the year 2005 to provide advanced and safe transport network for all Dubai’s citizen. Taking this accountability towards the community persuaded RTA to priorities its objects which was evident from its initiatives to enhance public transportation network as well as facilitate and improve roads all over the emirates. RTA responsibility towards Dubai’s citizen, other emirates and neighbor countries is to provide...
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