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RSBY Beneficiary Experience Survey
Summary of Findings from the Feasibility Study

13 December 2010

Prepared by: Westat India Social Sciences 301-303 Tolstoy House 15, Tolstoy Marg New Delhi, India

RSBY Beneficiary Experience Survey
Summary of Findings from the Feasibility Study In 2008, the Government of India instituted Rashtriya Swastya Bima Yojana (RSBY), a public/private health insurance scheme implemented to help below poverty line (BPL) families with financial obligations related to hospitalisation. The RSBY scheme grew out of the understanding of the social and financial importance of protecting BPL families from the effects of illness. As of November 2010, more than 16 million families and nearly 5,000 hospitals across 26 Indian states have enrolled in RSBY. Between 27 September and 22 October 2010, Westat India completed a feasibility study of the RSBY Beneficiary Experience Survey. This Survey evaluated beneficiaries’ assessment of the quality of care received at RSBY empanelled hospitals by collecting data on patient interactions with their health care providers, patient satisfaction with how they were treated, and patient assessment of the hospital environment. This feasibility study was conducted in 20 RSBY empanelled hospitals in Haryana with a small convenience sample of 78 RSBY and non-RSBY patients. The purpose of the feasibility study was to evaluate the viability of such a study and to learn more about how best to conduct this research on a larger scale. This project has demonstrated that the research process can work well and has provided insights on how best to conduct the research. However, it is important to note that because this was a feasibility study with a small, convenience sample these data are not generalisable to Haryana or beyond. This document provides a summary of the survey methodology and key findings from the RSBY Beneficiary Experience Survey. Survey Sponsors The RSBY Beneficiary Experience Survey was made...

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