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  • Published: October 30, 2013
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English As Communicative Purpose
For International Standard Senior Vocational High School Students Titania Tabita Oktriana
The ability of international standard senior vocational high school graduates in Indonesia toward communicative English is still low. That makes them are unable to work outside of Indonesia or in the international company in Indonesia. Because of that, the students need to learn about English as communicative purpose, so that they can face their future career. International standard senior vocational high school (SMK RSBI/SBI) is vocational schools which fulfill the national standard and use English as their language in the teaching-learning activity. English as communicative purpose is learning English by doing more communicative activity that can increase the students speaking ability. The government also gives support by having a law about the purpose of learning English. On the other hand, English is important because by learning English, they can communicate and get the information they need from foreigners. The work places also demand them to be able to communicate using English well. So, the writer here agrees that SMK RSBI/SBI need to learn English as communicative purpose because it will help them to get better future career. By learning English communicatively, the students are expecting to be able to increase their language skills.

Keyword: International Standard Senior Vocational High School students, English as Communicative purpose learning.

In this globalization era, the world demands us to keep develop, not only the technology but also the human resources themselves. Therefore, we have to learn how to adapt with this developing. One of important things to help us develop our knowledge is education, because it helps us to learn, develop, and master our skills. To face that condition, nowadays, Indonesian government is being intensively promoting a system to make...
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