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I. Definition of Hospitality and Catering

A. Sectors of Hospitality and Catering Industry

1. Commercial Sector
2. Catering Service Sector
II. Starting Up a Catering Business
A. Person qualified for Catering Business
B. Location
C. Types of Catering Services
1. On Premises Catering
2. Off Premise Catering
3. Comparing Off Premise and On Premise Catering 4. Kosher Catering
D. Establishing your Business
1. Caterer’s objectives
2. Getting your Name
3. Methods in Pricing Food and Beverage Events a. Third Method
b. Contribution Margin Method
c. Multiplier Method
4. Advertisements and Promotions
5. Licensing and Insurance
E. Tools and Equipment Needs
1. Determining Equipment Needs
2. Front of the House
3. Back of the House
4. Transporting Equipments
III. Catering Personnel and their Responsibilities
A. Staffing of Personnel
B. Catering Staffs
C. Personnel Ethics
1. Handling Customers Complaints
2. Procedural Dimension Elements
3. Personalized Dimensions
IV. Sanitation
A. Workplace Sanitation
B. Food Sanitation and Safety
1. Storage
2. Preparation
C. Personnel Sanitation and Hygiene

Hotel and Catering Industry


In line with the business sector, it is true that this is a crucial year in putting up a business. The entrepreneurs are making intelligent thinking on what business they should start. Nowadays that there is a global crisis and financial difficulties they want to know what business are they going to get in.

The very in demand business today is in line with food. Everyday, thousands of business and social groups get together to enjoy each other company and the variety of refreshments found at these gatherings. Many tried catering services. Groups generally prefer professionally prepared and served foods and beverages. They contact a caterer so that the hosts allow to concentrates solely on their personal, social and business activities while enjoying the events.

Business catering is now very in demand. Most meeting planner’s comparisons shop as much as they can when considering locations for their events. Caterers who can satisfy clients and make them look good will enjoy several benefits.

I. Definition (Foreign)

The definition of hospitality and catering were defined by the authors Yvonne Johns, Patricia Marrell, Margaret Weaver (1996). They stated that hospitality and catering industry provides food, drinks, shelter, warmth, courtesy and other supporting activities to a wide variety of customers. They added that the industry is usually divided into two sectors: the commercial sector and the catering service sector.

The main purpose of the commercial sector is to provide “hospitality and catering”. In order to make profit, they provide goods and services in exchange to money. This sector includes different outlets: hotels, guest-houses, public house, clubs, restaurant, and other organization that provide catering facilities to other organizations.

The main purpose of the catering service sector is not hospitality and catering but they might provide as the commercial sector (providing goods and services) but there is something else. For example, hospitals are known for taking care of patient who is sick but in addition they also provide food and...
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