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RR Journal
Brittany Clevenger
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Heinrich Heine

There are many poets out there that I enjoy reading. Heinrich Heine would have to be one of them. All of him poems are considered among the best in German literature. Not only do I consider his writings remarkable, he is thought this way by many. You can tell by his writings that his career is in the later Romantic Movement and the era of the socially and politically conscious movement. His writings as well as his exile from Germany demonstrates his lifelong search for personal and national identity. His back ground is definitely noticeable through his writings. His education background included training in both Hebrew and Jesuit schools. They say that his double disappointment in life was the theme for many of his early writings.

After reading the listed literature from Heinrich Heine, there are some I liked greatly and there are others not so much. The first piece of literature I read was In May the Magic Month of May. I loved this poem. What drew me to this poem was that in the very first line of literature you catch yourself automatically sketching up a landscape in your head. He makes you feel like you are dropped right into the beautiful month of May. It is simple yet sweet and just in the few lines he writes, you are able to see the love he proclaims and how beautiful he believes this love to be. When he says “ There, from my own heart, bursts forth my own love” I loved this segment. He is using his love as a symbol with the buds bursting open in the month of May. I thought this was a beautiful and simple poem and each time I read it I begin to smile.

The next piece of literature I read was The Lorelei. This piece of literature gives you not only a sense of where this poem might take place (on water) but also gives you a sense of happiness and sadness. He speaks of how he is sad at heart and it haunts him and will not depart. I wasn’t quite sure what to take from this poem, to me it seems as though he was sad due to something going on in his life, but as he sees the mountain and this women with long golden hair singing her song, his problems seem to subside. This is all that I could make of this poem. It is poems like these that I enjoy because I believe that each and every person who reads this can form their own opinion on what Heinrich was trying to get across to his readers.

Adam the First was the poem following The Lorelei that I had read. This poem was different from all the others in that it he seems angered throughout the whole piece. I gather from this poem that he was either chased out or forced out of a place he once considered to be his home or paradise to him. When he speaks of taking him and his wife to another land and embarking on a voyage, it was unclear to me as to where they might be headed. Although he spouts out a claim to God, he says he shall never miss this place because it wasn’t a “true” paradise to begin with. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when he had spoken of forbidden trees, I’m guessing he was speaking of bad people within the place he once considered to be a paradise for him and his wife. He later says he wants his full rights of freedom and he goes on to say that if in any way his freedom is to be compromised, his paradise will turn into a hell or a prison. I really enjoyed this poem, just because I see this character as someone who all he wants in life is a place to life with happiness and freedom. The final piece of literature that I read was titled The Slave Ship. This was the one poem to me that I wasn’t sure at all what to take from it. After reading the poem my only understanding of this poem was that this was a slave ship. On this slave ship he carried 600 Negroes, and in exchange for these Negroes he swapped things such as brandy, trinkets and beads. He seems to only be concerned with coming out ahead. He says that even with only half of them surviving, he will still come out 800% ahead. He...
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