Royal Hotel

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Despite having relatively little specific information about why the system failed, what do you think are the main reasons for its failure?

From what I comprehended from the reading, out of the four inevitable components of Information Systems, the failure could be attributed

• Not to ‘People Component’- As evidently stated in the last paragraph - people were excited about the new system and participated well in the training sessions but rapidly lost interest once the actual working started.

• Not to ‘IT component‘- the idea behind the application seems to be in accordance with the needs of the organization.

• To ‘Process Component’ - Could have effected the results.

a) The organization defined business processes could have been different from the actual informal ways of performing them.

b) Keeping in mind that the hotel had hectic schedules and that the staff is not hands on with the system it is very much possible that the staff prefers the informal reporting which it is comfortable with.

• To ‘Organizational Structure Component’- This includes organizational design, reporting and relationships among the information systems. Factors like user resistance, incentive schemes come under this element. Absence of an effective incentive/rewards program seems like a relevant cause for the rapid decline in interests of the staff.

How could you fix these problems?

Faced with these problems, I would

0. Have a meeting with the staff, instead of the directors, to fully understand the problems they face while using or after using the new information system. Welcoming suggestions and

0. Make sure that the location and the property specific equipment has been entered in the system so that workers can just straightaway report the problem.

0. Launch an incentive scheme in which the employee who did maximum or fastest or most accurate reporting is rewarded an incentive at the end of each day/week/month....
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