Royal Greenland

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Royal Greenland
2nd Semester Interdisciplinary Project - 2012

Royal Greenland
2nd Semester Interdisciplinary Project - 2012

Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland

Table of Contents

1. Introduction3
2. Royal Greenland brand value3
3. The 4 P’s4
4. Strategic Analysis5
5. IMS (International Market Selection) Analyses6
6. SWOT Analyses15
7. Business Law16
8. Economics19
9. Conclusion20

1. Introduction
Royal Greenland aspires to meet the needs of the modern consumer. The company does a combination of their high standards of quality of the products and the finest seafood from Greenland and all around the world. Royal Greenland is the largest producer of cold water prawns and the market leader of ever expending seafood products. The company belongs to Greenland and catches their primary raw materials and the clear ice cold water from there. The company has its modern part of hunting and fishing culture, which is always existed there and the catches are made with deep respect in Greenland nature and people. Royal Greenland’s clear aim is activities to contribute to the wellbeing Greenland community. Royal Greenland is not just a brand – it’s a promise. No matter what the challenges are, the company depends of committed staff. Royal Greenland has focus on quality and refuses to compromise. In this way Royal Greenland has been a reliable supplier and a trust world partner since 1774. Today is the company still in lead and extended itself as the most innovated and competitive player on the market. Whether if its own brand, as a supplier of private labels or via directed sells to the industry. For more than 230 years has Royal Greenland been associated with the first class seafood. The company’s future plans in investing are to have focus on improving their techniques and products to match the need of their modern consumer. Royal Greenland cooperates with private and public research institutions in order to continue developing their processing, distribution techniques and production. 2. Royal Greenland brand value

Applying the Maslow hierarchy of needs, one may argue that Royal Greenland customers seek for self-esteem, recognition and status; they believe that being seen with the Royal Greenland products brand will fulfill these needs. Therefore, the value added to its customers is more intrinsic, being that is a physiological need the act of eating.

Royal Greenland
Royal Greenland

However we may say that Royal Greenland stands in between level 1 and 2 of the Maslow Pyramid and maybe some may argue also between level 3, so that it can be also associated to a kind of luxury level of food and restaurants. Anyway is mainly a physiological need, the customers go for best in the balance of quality facing price. 3. The 4 P’s

Products - Seafood such as shellfish, natural fish, smoked and marinated fish, prawns. In their webpage they have a catalogue with 162 of different kind variation of the seafood that they offer. As a full-range supplier of seafood products Royal Greenland’s product assortment reflects the company’s ability to meet the need of our consumers and Royal Greenland’s ability to renew ourselves. In Royal Greenland marketing it is in matter; at their products have high quality standards. Royal Greenland is proud to present a broad range of high quality seafood products from their own fisheries and from selected suppliers around the world. They offer the “highest quality standards” in the world – their global quality team makes sure of that. If there are any complains about the products or about the services, the company takes them serious and they take professional action towards and try to avoid that happening again. Price - For centuries, Royal Greenland has been associated with high quality seafood at affordable prices. The company’s product range makes it possible to prepare healthy and tasty meals for any occasion. Royal Greenland, have a price that most customers can afford....
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