Roy Spivey

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Normal space Pages: 3 (1270 words) Published: November 10, 2011
”Roy Spivey” by Miranda July
Sofie 3.b
Media, music, movies and gossip have a huge impact on the Western world. We know our celebrities, and not just a little bit. We know their addresses, how their bedrooms look and even their dogs’ names. Even the most down-to-earth person would be stunned and star struck if they met Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt or any other celebrity. But why do we worry so much about them? Their lives are apparently extremely interesting compared to our own and we would do anything to look the slightest bit like them. “Roy Spivey” is written by Miranda July and it deals with this euphoria of meeting a famous person. “Roy Spivey” takes place in an airplane for most of the time. The completely normal main character kindly gives her seat away in an overcrowded airplane and is upgraded to first class. As it occurs to her that “Roy Spivey”, which is an anagram for the name of the actual celebrity, is sitting in the seat next to her, she is startled. She looks at him while he is sleeping and can’t believe that such an amazing person can seem so vulnerable and normal. When he is about to wake up she hurries to close her eyes, she wouldn’t want him to discover that she has been watching over him and protecting him. This is what she imagines she is doing. He is not fully awake though, and when she opens her eyes for the second time she thinks: “(…) it seemed as if we had woken from a single sleep” (p. 2 l. 16). During the flight they connect and he tells her a whole bunch of intimate things about his life. “ We talked ceaselessly for the next two hours (…)” (p.2 l.18) She feels as if she had been enlightened. She tries not to think about her life at home. “It seemed as though I might never have to return to it not” (p.3 l. 76) At one point she goes to the bathroom to wash her armpits. She accidently spills water on her skirt and makes the whole thing wet, as it is a fabric that changes colour when getting wet. When she gets back to her seat he...
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