Roy Smith's America

Topics: Attack!, Attack, Sheriff Pages: 3 (1220 words) Published: June 15, 2010
Human Relations 201-2 Beckie Holt Roy Smith’s America Paper Roy Smith’s America was a Dateline 20/20 News Story covering the vicious attacks on Roy Smith, a man who desired nothing more than to live quietly on a ranch in Colorado he purchased, by the community he lived near because of the community’s fear and ignorant racial beliefs. He lived on the ranch for almost 20 years before being driven off his own land by vandalism, beatings and attempts on his life. The case later became a Colorado Civil Rights case. The officers who had jurisdiction over the area his ranch was in did not believe the attacks occurred as Roy described them. It took an attorney hearing Roy’s story to finally believe him and bring the case to trial. There were passive and active participants in the story involving Smith and the community. The passive participants included the town’s people, Sherriff Department and those who spoke about the acts committed against Smith but wouldn’t do anything about it. Often time fear immobilizes people into no action, when they are not sure their single voice can make a difference. The active members included his neighbor Mr. Berube. Berube has hired Smith to do some work on his property and a wage dispute arose when the work was completed and it was time for Berube to pay Smith. Berube’s dogs attacked Smith on 5 different occasions, and when confronted, Berube agreed to pay the medical bills and was ticketed by law enforcement, but never admitted to letting the dogs loose to attack Smith. Berube said Smith had let the dogs loose himself and was responsible for the attacks. Berube acknowledged he was an active anti-racist. This began a long series of attacks against Smith by Berube. Roy Smith grew up in Mississippi and has vivid accounts of cross burnings, KKK retaliations against blacks and segregation at the height of...
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