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Rowing the Bus

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The essay “Rowing the Bus” is has a lot to do with the problems that kids are having in school. I also, believe that these kids are in this situation, because of their parents. These parents have to pay more attention to their children’s actions or check on their child in school. A lot of these kids that get picked on at school end up being serial killer or child molesters and mad at the world. Once these kids lose their self respect, they get depressed and ashamed of whom they are. I think that Paul was wrong, for what he did to Gorge at the school playground. I bet Gorge would have been a good friend, if Paul would have given him a chance. That made Paul change his state of mind, and he hated the way the bullies was treating these harmless students. So that made him stand up against people who tease or hurt who are defenseless. This essay is a good example for, those who are going through the same situation.

Rowing the Bus

In this essay “Rowing the Bus” by Paul Logan, Is about a student getting picked on at his old school, because of the way he carried his self. His mother relocated him to another school, were he found another student that was in his same situation. He also, was in involved in schoolyard cruelty in which he was both a victim and a participant. That situation made Paul feel awful, but a stronger person. Therefore, it changed his life and helped form the person turn out to be.

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