Routing and Switching

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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This paper addresses the requirements for the Unit 1 project. The scenario given in the assignment is as follows: You are a consultant sent to a client who is experiencing network slowdowns. The client has 300 network devices spread over several departments. Provide five questions you would ask to start your investigation. What are common problems you would look at to start your troubleshooting? Describe the methods you would use to troubleshoot the problem.  

The given network has 300 devices in several departments. The first of five questions I would ask is whether or not a strategy that employs switches is being used to divide the network into numerous, smaller VLANS. This would allow the customer to gain some bandwidth by dividing the network into smaller collision domains and broadcast domains by using switches configured using a tree topology. A follow-up question would be asked to determine if hubs are being used. If so, then I would recommend that the customer replace the hubs with switches, which will put each device attached to the switch on its own collision domain which will not divide the bandwidth like a hub does. In order to troubleshoot this area of my inquiry, a simple visual inspection of the existing hardware would resolve the question. Next, I would ask if the connections are all using full duplex Ethernet connections. The reason for this is that half duplex is just that- half of the potential speed that full duplex offers. Although half duplex installations are not very common in a large network, such as the one given in the example, they are still out there in older systems. Troubleshooting this particular issue would require looking at the ends of the Ethernet wiring and seeing if the specific wires are crossed that will allow full duplex communications between devices. Using a “ping” command will also tell if there is trouble between devices by showing the speeds between the two devices. Thirdly, I would ask if the servers are...
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