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BUS303 Business Communication




From: NC1 Ellis, Officer Programs Officer (OPO)

To: NRD Ohio All Hands

Subject: Officer Referrals

Just to clarify the process with officer referrals...if you have an applicant that is currently

enrolled and attending an accredited 4yr college or university, or classified with the education

code D, K or N, they shall be referred to officer programs for an interview utilizing NAVCRUIT

1133/98. This is a requirement as per the CRUITMAN. With that being said, there are five

personnel authorized to screen and sign these referral sheets (myself, LCDR Swansiger, NCC

Brown, NCC Ranft and OPO). With the lack of tracking last FY and the sole purpose of taking

care of the applicant and recruiter, these forms will be emailed to me to disperse to the respective

OPO recruiter or Zone Supervisor for interview/screening and then added to the referral tracker

by Jessica.

This is not to make your lives difficult, but to ensure credit is not only given to the

recruiter for the referral but to also ensure the applicant gets a competitive look at both officer

and enlisted. There is no reason why a competitive applicant cannot enlist and then put in an

officer package but if we are not aware of that intention, how will we ensure they have enough

dep time to complete that officer application and go in front of a board. A future Sailor cannot

ship with a pending officer package. I greatly appreciate all the referrals from the field but would

be remiss in not once again putting out a few key points:

1. Only an emailed referral will be worked. Do not fax an officer referral. The form is on NRD's

quarterdeck and you may also scan in transcripts if needed. Ensure all information is

included (i.e. name, degree plan, GPA, what they are interested in, who referred them and a good

contact number)

2. I understand that sometimes you need an officer interview form filled out asap. This is the

exception, not the rule. Give us 48-72hrs to complete the interview.

3. If they are scheduled to process and are interested in officer programs, ensure they have plenty of

dep time and the MEPS they are going to is listed on the form. By plenty of dep time I mean at

least 6 months.

4. If you are wondering the status of your screening, feel free to call me.

Any questions let me know.

NC1 (SW) Ellis, Anthony

Officer Programs Officer

NRD Ohio


"FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - PRIVACY SENSITIVE - Any misuse or unauthorized disclosure can result in both civil and criminal penalties."


This is the typical type of Email that would be sent out by me or by one of my superiors. Simple

straight to the point and with all pertinent information. Base on the opening of the Email it could

be preserved that this was sent out while I was angry. That is a hugh no no for Routine Emails

and is probably the only thing that I would have changed, but overall I believe it was a good




BUS303 Business Communication




From: NC1 Ellis, Division Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO)

To: Zone 9 Recruiters

Subject: Petty Officer Brown’s Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

This Email is to acknowledge the professional achievement of Petty Officer Brown as a

Recruiter-in-Charge at the Navy District of Ohio from January 2008 to January 2011. Petty

Officer Brown consistently performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly

professional manner.

Demonstrating exceptional initiative and recruitment skill, he constantly met numerous

recruitment goals, contributing significantly to let Readiness. His resourcefulness and...
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