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Rough Riders

By | November 2012
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Kasie Marchini
October 10, 2011
Rough Riders

Before the turn of the 19th century, America found its self deep into the issues surrounding Cuba. Many American forces were sent into Cuba during the Spanish-American War. The war started in 1898 after the Cubans wanted to declare independence. The Rough Riders were perhaps the most infamous part of the war. Theodore Roosevelt, who at the time was the Secretary of the Navy, gave them this name. People flocked to Florida just to get a glimpse of these war celebrities. The Riders were a big attraction because they were the first volunteer Calvary unit. The Rough Riders were made up of man from mostly the West. States like New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma were places most of the Riders called home. All the men had basic military training. They were very excited to serve their country in a way that would make any American citizen proud. The Riders had a basic uniform that consisted of a slouch hat, blue flannel shirts, brown pants, leggings, boots, and a handkerchief tied around their neck. When the Rough Riders arrived in Tampa, Florida on May 29, 1898, only 8 of the 12 units of Rough Riders were permitted to leave the United States. This was due to a lack of traveling room. This contributed to premature weakening of the units. Then one forth of the men who were trained had been lost to either malaria or yellow fever. The Rough Riders started their tour in Cuba off to a rocky start. When the men reached Cuba, the found themselves making camp on the shores and waiting for further orders. The Riders did find themselves without the many horses they had on US soil. They had been trained and accustom to riding the horses during training. Many of the we’re not trained in infantry and were not ready for the humid conditions in Cuba. The Rough Riders engaged in two major battles during the war. They were the assault on Las Guasimas and the battle of San Juan Hill. Both battles severely affected the...

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