Rough Draft Trifles

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Transgender Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Trifles by Susan Glaspell addresses ideas about justice and gender deifferences. In the play gender roles are an important theme. Women in the 1900s often took care of the home. In this play the women distrust men and the men underestimate and underappreciate women. Ultimately, the audience has to decide if the women that protect Mrs. Wright from punishment are justified. Was murdering Mr. Wright a just punishment for his poor character and the killing of a canary? Perhaps leaving him would have been a better option, but that is for the audience to decide. After reading the play it is easy to emphasize with Mrs. Wright and with the women that protect her based on gender identity and loyalty. Mrs Peters page 11 row 460 says that a boy took a hatchet to her kitten when she was a child. This line in particular explains how she can really feel for Mrs. Wright, losing her canary. Also in this play, the men are very hollow characters. They are purposefully generated to be stereotypes. These men in the play, They aren't very real. They have no appreciation for the hard work of women nor do they seem capable of imagining things from a woman's perspective. Further, they do not exhibit much of the deep politeness and respect that was typically shown to women in the early 1900s, despite women have less opportunities in many areas, it was code, protocol, to show them good manners. And even in the 1900s, men could see things from a women's perspective to at least some degree and appreciate the warmth they often know better how to bring a home to life. Interestingly enough, the underestimation of women that did occur in the 1900s actually protects Mrs. Wright, just as much as the gender identification of her peers that find the motive. A good motive, I agree, after reading the story, what an awful man Mr. Wright is made to be, truly. A soul crushing, cold-hearted monster. However, it could be argued that, for instance leaving, might be a bettter option then murdering him. It...
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