Rough Cut Capacity Planning

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Overview of Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)
RCCP verifies that you have sufficient capacity available to meet the capacity requirements for your master schedules. RCCP is a long-term plan capacity planning tool that marketing and production use to balance required and available capacity, and to negotiate changes to the master schedule and/or available capacity. You can change your master schedules by changing master schedule dates and increasing or decreasing master schedule quantities. You can change your available capacity by adding or removing shifts, using overtime or subcontracted labor, and adding or removing machines. RCCP is a gross capacity planning technique that does not consider scheduled receipts or on-hand inventory quantities when calculating capacity requirements. Your rough cut capacity plans are therefore a statement of the capacity required to meet your gross production requirements. Use RCCP to validate your master schedules against key and critical resources before you use the planning process to generate detailed MRP plans. This ensures that you use a realistic, achievable master schedule to drive the planning process. You can perform rough cut capacity planning at two levels:

* Use routing-based RCCP if you want to plan rough cut capacity by resource. Required and available capacity are stated in hours per week per resource. * Use rate-based RCCP if you want to plan your rough cut capacity by production line. Required and available capacity are stated by production rate per week per line. If you want to use RCCP, but would like to restrict the process to key or critical resources, you can define groups of selected resources and review RCCP plans for specific resource groups only. You can define resource groups in Oracle Capacity and Oracle Bills of Material. You assign resources to resource groups in Oracle Bills of Material.

Capacity Requirements...
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