Rothschild's Fiddle Analysis


Narrator: One day there is a boy named Jake Justine he is very late for school in the morning. He is also afraid of being scolded by Monsieur Hamel is there French teacher that they told us to examine them in participles. Then Jake Justine , for a moment he thought of staying away from school and wandering about the fields he said:

JAKE JUSTINE: I could hear the blackbirds whistling on the edge of the wood and in the field behind the sawmill the Prussians going through their drill.

Narrator: he passed the mayor’s office he saw people gathered in the little board on which notices were posted in the little board was: “BATTLES LOST, CONSCRIPTIONS, ORDERS FROM HEADQUARTERS” Jake Justine said:

JAKE JUSTINE: What can it be now??

Narrator: he ran across the square Wachter Blacksmith who stood with the apprentice reading the placard. The Placard says that “DON’T HURRY, SO MY BOY YOU’LL GET TO YOUR SCHOOL SOON ENOUGH”.

Narrator: Sunday, Jake Justine go to his classroom see Monsieur Hamel was walking back and forth with the terrible iron under his arm. He want to open the door but he can imagine he can be blushed or he is afraid. When Monsieur Hamel saw him he has no bad expression showed to him Monsieur Hamel said:

MONSIEUR HAMEL: go at once to your seat, my little Frantz we were going to begin without you.

Narrator: he seat down to his desk. The class became silent. He all seemed his classmates were depressed then Monsieur Hamel announced that:

MONSIEUR HAMEL: My children this is the last time that I will teach you orders have come from Berlin to teach nothing but German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. The new teacher will arrive tom. So , I beg you to be very attentive. Narrator: Jake Justine was overwhelmed when he heard those words that it’s the last class of French by Monsieur Hamel. Jake Justine said: JAKE JUSTINE: My last class in French. I barely knew to write, so I should never learn. I must...
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