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The Philippine Reserve Officer Training Corps(ROTC) is a military program for college students in the Philippines. ROTC was first established in the United States as the college elective focusing on military training and discipline in 1862.

In 2001, under the Philippine R.A. No. 9163, ROTC was incorporated into the National Service Training Program or simply known as NSTP, allow the students to choose what training they want for civic service other than the ROTC.

The government several years ago abolished the mandatory ROTC program for a voluntary one as a reaction to protests from indolent students, budget-strapped parents and to address poor management of program in some schools. The ROTC program has served the country well since its creation. It has trained thousands of young men and women in the defense of our country. The youths have graduated from its camps with a stronger patriotism. The program has produced fine officers who have fought numerous wars against foreign invaders, communists guerillas, Moro secessionist and savage terrorist.

*** While preparing and thinking of what will I going to share to you today I decided to open my facebook account. On my list I saw a young friend is online. I click his name and begin typing “Hi what is the importance of ROTC?” he was shocked of course and laugh but answered me “ROTC is a program offered as an elective or substitute for physical education. It uses a military setting to teach students a variety of character traits and life skills.” I said no not that one. For you ano bang nagawa sayo sa buhay ng ROTC? Ang bilis niya sumagot ang sabi niya “ well, it helped me to prepare for my future and our countries future sa pamamagitan ng pagiging disiplinado, responsible at makabayan” I smiled after reading his answer because as far as I know this young man when he was still in high school kung titingnan mo sya parang walang patutunguhan buhay nia but now you know he is an officer of...
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