Ross Abernathy and the Frontier National Bank

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Delivery India - Process & Quality
Reduction in Not Found Faulty (NFF)
Team Charter
Business Case
Not Found Faulty (NFF) is a prime concern for NSN. There is a huge cost involved in the transportation/scanning of such units. In this project, we will be focusing on Maxis CT. In one quarter (Jan-Mar), the total cost incurred is around 12KE. Therefore in 1 year, this figure would be in the range of 50KE. Thus, with an aim to reduce this by 50%, the saving would be around 24KE for 1 CT in 1 year. The learning’s of this project will be applied in other CSP’s as well with a potential saving of more than 50 KEuro. Opportunity Statement/Defect Def

2012 data: Jan-June
NFF units: 13.47% of total faulty sent.
As per internal target, there should not be any NFF cases. Hence there is huge opportunity to save cost. The Cost incurred for NFF is around 32KEuro in the specified period. NFF Summary|
Cirlce| Total faulty sent| NFF|
Delhi| 226| 27|
Mumbai| 111| 16|
Kolkata| 289| 33|
Rajasthan| 61| 21|
West Bengal| 46| 7|
Punjab| 45| 1|
Haryana| 9| 1|
Total| 787| 106|
NFF%| 13.46887|  |

Goal Statement
Reduction in NFF cases by 50%.
Resulting in saving of around 50,000E.
Project Scope
Pilot: Maxis all circles
The best outcome & practices will be implemented in all other the other customers. Project Plan
Define 4th July
Measure 15th August
Analyze 15th September
Improve 30th November
Control 30th December

Team Selection
Sponsor| |
Champion| |
Project Leader| |
MBB| |
Team Members| |

1. Define
Voice of Customer (VOC) Critical to Quality (CTQ)

Efficient Inventory Management

Availability of Spares as per network dimensioning
End-to-End inventory tracking
Cost Control

Procurement Cost
Logistics Cost
Faulty Repairing process

NFF cases


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