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Resource management is an important area of management as resources are being used to produce output through processing. If the resources used in the production process are not managed properly then management wouldn’t be able to achieve its goals, objectives as the whole process would be faulty. The importance of resource management in the area of management is needless to mention as the resources used in the inputs are processed through to produce goods or services as output. Therefore in context of organization the resource management is vital for the success of the any organization as the appropriate resource utilization lead an organization to achieve its objectives. As a manager of an organization, one has to focus on various dimensions of the resource management as done in the following sections since it is an indeed important part of organizational management. In this paper different aspects and dimensions of resource management are explored in the light of different theories and models as to understand the application of these theories in the light of resource management.

Task 01

All organizations use resources to achieve its’ objectives or in other word it can be said that organizations transform ‘inputs’ or ‘resources’ into ‘outputs’. As far as a company producing Ice Cream is concerned it can be explained with following diagram:


Source: Business Management (2008) Level 5: Management and Leadership. Pathways to Management and Leadership: Resource Management, (accessed 12th Oct 2012)

From the above it can be explained that like any organisation Ice Cream company is having goals, aims and objectives in order for achieving its goals, aims and objectives. Hence Ice Cream Company needs to use various resources showing in given diagram such as: milk, cream, sugar, people, equipment, packaging and transforming these resources Ice Cream Company makes ‘Ice Cream’. Like all organizations, Ice Cream Company has goal to serve customers with ice cream satisfactorily and In order to achieve this goal, company must take a set of activities to achieve this goal called ‘objectives’. These objectives have been carried out with the help of resources employed by the Ice Cream Company like:

a. Money

b. Equipment

c. Human Resources

d. Technology

Whether the objectives being short term, medium or long term ‘Ice Cream Company’ must employ resources to achieve them but in order to achieve the objectives, company should adopt a proper planning process or strategic planning process.

The strategic planning process refers to the process that provides a guideline or direction to an organization as shown in the figure given below:

Source: Business Management (2008) Level 5: Management and Leadership. Pathways to Management and Leadership: Resource Management, (accessed 12th Oct 2012)

As mentioned earlier any organizations need corporate objectives, goals, and a mission or in other word organization needs knowing where organization is heading. Then once these are defined then organizations have to analysis its surrounding environment that is external. Such an analysis of its surrounding environment that is external often known as PESTLE analysis, as it should include systematic consideration of political, social, technological, economical, legal & environmental factors.


Source:, (accessed 12th Oct 2012)

• Political factor refers to what degree and how a government aims to intervene in the economy. Particularly, these include areas such as political...
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