Rosie the Riveter Movement Case Study Report

Topics: Flexion, Hip, Muscle Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: February 4, 2013
“Rosie the Riveter”
Mary the “Riveter” is the person chosen for this movement case study project. She is called Mary the “Riveter” because of her former profession as one of the original Rosie the Riveter shipyard welders [for the Richmond California shipyards]. She welded portholes in to the battle ships during the World War II. Mary is eighty-seven years old and a participant of the Eden Medical Center aquatic exercise pool program. She was referred to Eden Medical Center [Outpatient Rehab Facility] two years ago because of a lumbar spine injury. Mary came to the facility unable to stand erect in the frontal-plane postural position. She stated that her injury occurred after picking up and moving a fifty-pound bag of cement.

The paper will discuss Mary’s inability to stand-up straight due to a neurological sciatic nerve root back injury. The paper will briefly convey the mechanism of the injury and how the movement caused the injury. The paper will then talk about; how through an aquatic exercise program, Mary was able to regain her normal erect body alignment [displaying her normal lumbar-curve postural position]. In conclusion, Mary’s case study will convey the outcome of her lumbar spine injury and follow up with recommendation to facilitate improved stability in the injured area.

Mary came to the aquatic exercise program after her prescribed six land physical therapy treatment sessions. She had a noticeable thirty-five degree flexed bend at the hip, when she came to inquire about the aquatic exercise pool program. Now after asking about her noticeable postural position. Mary explained that the injury happen when she bent down to pick-up the bag of cement and moved it. The mechanics of the movement was: narrow base of support, hip flexed [passed 90 degrees], knees fully extended, shoulders reaching downward, elbow extended, and hands grasping the front end of the bag. Mary stated she picked up the bag; in which, she lifted her torso...
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