Rosemarie Parse

Topics: Nursing, Human, Thought Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Rosemarie Parse, from her early years in nursing, has searched for a new or different way to learn and practice nursing. Her belief was that humans co-write their own health and that nurses do not control a person’s health choices. Her focus was on the experiences that a person lives and the view that person has of their health. She has authored, coauthored and edited texts that have played a huge role in nursing disciplines. She is the founder and editor of the journal Nursing Science Quarterly and has published many articles that offer nurses and others the opportunity to think and act in different ways in their nursing practice.

Parse’s theory, which was originally called the “man-living-health” theory, originated in 1981. The name was officially changed in 1992 to “human becoming” due to the definition change of man from humankind to male human. The Theory of Human Becoming is adapted from the works of Martha Rogers and others such as Dilthey (1961), Heidegger(1962) , Sartre (1966), and Merlean-Ponty (1962). (Mitchell, 2006).

The theory of Human Becoming consists of three principles and nine concepts. Mitchell (2006) states the nine concepts as •The human is coexisting while co-constituting rhythmical patterns with the universe. •The human is open, freely choosing meaning in situation, bearing responsibility for decisions. •The human is unitary, continuously co-constituting patterns of relating. •The human is transcending multi-dimensionally with the possibles. •Becoming is unitary human-living-health.

Becoming is a rhythmically co-constituting human-universe process. •Becoming is the human’s patterns of relating value priorities. •Becoming is an intersubjective process of transcending with the possibles. •Becoming is unitary human’s emerging.

“The first principle provides three frames that shape what nurses think about humans before they approach persons in practice.” It uses imaging, valuing and languaging. Imaging is how the person knows...
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