Rose and Lavender

Topics: Odor, Perfume, Aroma compound Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Title: Rose and Lavender Flower Scent
Perfume Making

Chapter 1- Introduction
There are some researchers who believe that a woman’s reason for loving perfume is because of the pheromones their bodies produce. Often, certain scents or perfumes trigger the increase of how much pheromone a woman’s body will produce. While a perfume will help in increasing the production of a woman’s pheromone levels, they are also liked by women because of the attention they get from a member of the opposite sex or even from another woman. In studies carried out, nearly 80% of all women will make a perfume purchase at least once each year. Many women will tell you that the reason they purchase a particular perfume for themselves is that it makes them smell great and they seem to feel better about themselves. It also makes them feel a little bit more feminine. Background of the Study

People’s use of scents, aromas and fragrances has been used for many centuries, and when and why people started to prepare and use them seems lost to us. However, over the years, evidence has been found through archeological findings, as well as texts written by our ancestors, that has shown just how aromas were being used. In the very early civilizations, scented flowers and herbs were used by people to worship the Gods, and when burned, some of these plants would release strong aromas. Such scented fires became part of many religious rituals. In fact, you will find that many religions still use scented fires today. Both the Assyrian’s and Egyptians used scented oils. Because of this, the demand for the raw materials needed to produce both fragrances and remedies led to the discovering of new ways of extracting scents from the plants they used. Such techniques as pressing, decoction, pulverization and maceration were developed and mastered by both the Assyrian’s and the Egyptians. They even made attempts at trying to produce essential oils by distillation. Slowly, the use of perfumes spread to...
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