Rosalia de Castro

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Rosalía d e Castr o

Also by Michael Smith from Shearsman Books: Poetry
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Maldon & Other Translations Gustavo Adolof Bécquer: Collected Poems (Rimas)

Edited & translated with Valentino Gianuzzi:
The Complete Poems of César Vallejo in Three Volumes: The Black Heralds & Other Early Poems Trilce Complete Later Poems 1923-1938 César Vallejo: Selected Poems

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Rosalía de Castro
Edited and translated by Michael Smith

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First published in the United Kingdom in 2007 by Shearsman Books Ltd 58 Velwell Road Exeter EX4 4LD ISBN-13 978-1-905700-44-8 ISBN-10 1-905700-44-X Translations copyright © Michael Smith, 2007. The right of Michael Smith to be identified as the author of these translations and introductions has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act of 1988. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher. Acknowledgements The publisher and translator thank the Xunta de Galicia (the Regional Government of Galicia) for their financial assistance with the translation and publication of this book.

Biography Introduction Acknowledgements from A mi madre The hot season now over Wandering, fugitive, mysterious, Clothes and hair loose to the wind Now all light grew dark in the sky But . . . what a strident and magical howl Where the erect cypress rises, And must I calmly enjoy God forbid I should forget you from Cantares gallegos When I hear you toll There in the early morning In the quiet evening Every star, its diamond The wind blows, the river flows from Follas novas A Few Words from the Author I well know there is nothing As the clouds You will say about these verses, and it’s true What’s happening around me? New leaves! the name you bear Some people say, My country! Once I had a nail When one is very, very lucky Today or tomorrow, who can say when? That buzz of songs and laughter Now neither rancour nor disdain Quiet! 9 11 13

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Goodbye! In the Cathedral No Charge Weeping I thought each night Who Does Not Lament? Sea, with your unfathomed waters Dig fast, dig When I think you are gone Happiness is Treacherous Tick-tock, tick-tock, in the silent night Flow, serene crystal waves How placid the sparkling! Padrón! . . . Padrón! from En las orillas del Sar Some, very high You sense the sweet and fragrant Now passions sleep in their tomb A gentle river, a narrow lane Thirsting on the beach, the sands Soul, in fl ight from yourself Along the ancient road Some smeared him with slander In their prison of thorns and roses It was the last night White road, old road It seems that, behind proud Miranda, they still loom The moon, silent and, as always, pale The saddest shadow, indefinable and vague When the harsh Northwind blows Some say plants don’t speak, nor fountains, nor birds Black-winged thoughts! flee, flee in harass-ridden The hearts of some creatures The word and the idea . . . There’s an abyss “The dead go fast” In this world’s endless

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The Bells High up the ravens croaked Justice of men, I seek you out As from the high summit Doubtless, he wasn’t born to love, no Although they may not achieve glory Hour after hour, day after day The day was mild

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de A mi madre (1863)
I Ya pasó la estación de los calores, y lleno el rostro de áspera fiereza, sobre los restos de las mustias flores, asoma el crudo invierno su cabeza. Pero el azul del claro firmamento tiende sus alas de...
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