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The Hotel is defined by British law. It’s the best place where are travelers can find food and protection, provide is in a place to pay for it and is in a fit condition to be received. For this reason, the hotel should provide food and beverage and rooms to travelers going on payment and has in turn, the right to accept if the traveler is drunk, disorderly, and unkempt or is not in a position to pay for the services. Basis The hotel industry is possibly one of the oldest marketable endeavors in the earth. The first inns go back to the sixth century B.C. and are the products of the support to travel, spur by the invention of the ‘wheel’. The Closer inns were ventures by husband and wife team who provide large halls for travelers they also proved reserved healthy food, drink like wine. Entertainment and recreation were provided by the host wife or his girl. The total cooking, service and activity was provided by the husband and wife team and his family. The Terms prevail for hundred years. Beginning of the industrial revolt in England brings ideas and movement in the business of Hostel. The development of Ships and rail made traveling more prominent. The Industrial Revaluation also changed travel from social or government travel to business travel.

*The training Methodologies and Aids
Training methodology is method which knowledge, skills and attitudes are imparted to trainees, while training aids the implements used in the methodology which we go after our hotel.

*The Restaurant
Restaurant is a business Generation committed to the sale of food and beverage. Restaurant might be a license part of Hotel processes, through which the sales of the restaurant Shareholding to the sales show of the hotel as a whole. Restaurants may also be self-governing business entities under-individual rights and management. Restaurants provide tables and chairs for people to sit and eat food prepared by an close kitchen. They are ready with crockery and linen, which are...
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