Rosa Parks

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  • Published : October 29, 2007
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After much reading on all the different people who have made a difference in the world I became fascinated by the works of Rosa Parks. She was a true American heroine and an inspiration to all the women of the worlds. Rosa Parks made a difference by taking a seat on a bus but she raised her voice by staying put. A Rosa park was an inspiration to all the black people of the United States but without knowing it she was making a difference for colored people for women and for humanity. She stood up for what she believed in, for what she had been taught by her family and for what she thought was fair.

I researched many sources through the internet, news paper articles and books and the more that I read the more that I Knew that Rosa Parks was the person who mostly inspired me, the one that through her life has continued to make a difference even in the time of her death. I am mostly thankful to the website of Girl That inspired me to believe and to make a difference or try to make a difference with every thing that I do on a day to day. Rosa Parks My Story is the book that gave me the insight to her life as a child and her family life as an adult. The article in the internet Taught me that Rosa Parks was a very simple woman who was taught to believe in herself. If it was right she would do it she would always stand for what she believed in even as a child living with her grandparents. She taught us all through this interview that there is equal opportunity and those us as Citizens should enforce them if we are in the right. She taught me to achieve always my highest potential and to try to inspire other people through my works. This was very useful.

Rosa Parks was the first female, the first Black Female to lie in state in Washington DC even at her death she stood up for women and for colored people everywhere. This is united to the topic of taking a Stand. Rosa Parks took a stand for black people and Rosa Parks took a stand for...
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