Rosa Lee Story

Topics: Family, Sibling, Parent Pages: 2 (872 words) Published: November 20, 2012
The Rosa lee story

Rosa Lee gave dash full access to her and her family life for four years, because she thought someone could learn from it. Rosa was born in Washington and was living a low class life, and often looked down up on for it . Rosa lee was brought up in a single parent house hold and when she entered jr. high her dad died. Rosa mom often struggled to take care of her and her siblings. Her mother gave birth to twenty-two kids, but only eleven survived. Rosa and her mom never saw eye to eye and when she got pregnant at the age of thirteen it didn’t make their relationship any better. At the age of fourteen she had her first prostitution experience for five dollars, she told her customers at work that if they were going to have sex with her, they had to pay because she had eight kids at home. After Rosa third child she married into an abusive relationship with a man who was twenty one which made her sixteen she couldn’t take anymore so she moved back in with her mom. Rosa and her mom relationship was filled with conflict. At a very young age Rosa started stealing from people. She stole to basically buy her some friends, she would take her friends to the movies and buy them candy. At the age of twenty Rosa had moved to the North East with her six kids and was on welfare by the time she was twenty one she had two more kids. Rosa just wanted to make sure her family was ok and that they had some of the things they needed. Rosa also did other jobs that paid under the table so she could still get her welfare check. So she became a dancer at night clubs and got paid for sex. Being brought up in a neighborhood like Rosa had several down falls. Her and her sibling didn’t really have anyone to motivate them to do the right thing. The girls were supposed to be domestic but Rosa rebelled against it. Rosa started selling drugs in the seventies and in fifteen years she was in jail a dozen times. Until Rosa was twenty-nine she got away with...
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