Rosa Lee

Topics: High school, Family, Fifth grade Pages: 13 (3974 words) Published: April 15, 2012
NAME (primary client): Rosa Lee Cunningham
DATE OF BIRTH: October 7, 1936
SEX: Female
DATE OF REPORT: 3/14/2012

Identifying Information: Rosa Lee is a feisty African American female who grew up poor on the fringes of a Capitol Hill neighborhood. Her parents were sharecroppers who had migrated to the city. Rosa Lee had eight children, six boys and two girls, over an 11 year stretch; she was 14 years old when she had her first born. While pregnant with her first child, Rosa Lee dropped out of school without having learned to read. At age 16, Rosa Lee got married; the marriage only lasted a few months. She supported her family by waitressing in nightclubs, selling drugs, shoplifting, and working as a prostitute. Rosa Lee has served time in jail for selling drugs and shoplifting.

Members of household:
NameRelationship Age
Rosa LeeMother

Reason for Assessment: To better understand the growing black underclass trapped in urban poverty, filling America’s prisons, and shooting each other on the street rather than finishing high school.

Natural Support System (Client and Family): ______Yes __X_No (check one, explain below) Assess relationships with parents and siblings, extended family including friendships and other supportive networks):

Explain: Rosa Lee does not have a strong support network. Rosa Lee never got along well with her mother; her mother always belittled Rosa Lee. Rosa Lee never felt like she was loved by her mother. Rosa Lee did not discuss her relationship with her father in great detail, but Rosa Lee would walk to the bar where her father was at and would help him walk home. Rosa Lee’s father died when she was at a young age. Rosa Lee often seeks the support of Eric and Alvin. Eric resents his mother and is still angry with her after all these years. Her other children rely on Rosa Lee and Rosa Lee does what she can to support her children. Rosa Lee also does not have any friends who are not drug addicts.

Relevant child welfare involvement history (Client and Family): __X___Yes, ________No include the name known agencies, any other agency involvement and discuss any significant outcomes for any of the above).

Explain: Junior, Patty’s son was 10 years old and was caught burglarizing a halfway house for convicts. Junior was taken into custody. A child neglect hearing was set and at the hearing Junior was removed from Patty’s custody. For seven years the government was Junior’s parent and the juvenile system was his home. When Junior was eighteen he went and lived with Patty again.

Primary Client’s Personal Strengths:

Explain: Rosa Lee is a strong independent woman. She is feisty and a go getter. She basically raised eight children plus her grandchildren by herself. She also worked several jobs to provide for her family.

Educational History (Client and Family): Rosa Lee

Explain: Rosa Lee dropped out of school at the age of 13. Rosa Lee’s parents never had a school to attend, so they did not learn how to read and write. Her parents, especially her mother, Rosetta did not place much value on education. Rosa Lee’s difficulty with reading and writing began in the first grade, and she did not receive any special help from teachers. In the fourth grade, Rosa Lee began skipping school frequently. During her elementary school years she was held back twice but was promoted to the fifth and sixth grade despite her inability to read. Rosa Lee was allowed to attend junior high on account of her age, not because she passed any of her classes. The school learned of her pregnancy and told her that she could return back to school after her baby was born; Rosa Lee never returned....
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