Topics: App Store, Apple Inc., Economics Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Q#2. How would a strategic market definition a company like Nike? 2) it could help Nike because it makes them able to see the entire market, so they can identify the opportunities and risks that they have because if they just consider sporting clothes like the market that belong, it wouldn’t give them the opportunity to see around and increase their market and show them the percentage they can grow, they can also get the casual clothe market because many people use Nike to dress daily and not just for playing sports. When you have your market definition clear established it will be easier to analyze your potential market demand. They will see more possibilities for developing its market and it will become aware of substitute products.

Q#4. Why is it important for pampers to understand the market potential for disposable diapers? 4) After they know their market, it is important to know their market potential that is composed of people who are able to buy their product but for some reason they don’t. So they have to identify the reasons of the people for not buying the product and do marketing for such people. Also they must know the needs of the customers. Innovation can make the market potential become market demand. Q#8. What factors help accelerate market demand for apples’ ipad? How can apple influence these factors to further accelerate market growth? 8) The principle factor is innovation. Another reason could be the use of most latest technology, because of the increasing number of people that are interested in technology. Changes in technology alter the market potential. Apple ipad, is a discontinuous invention created a whole new market potential. Apple can make further accelerations in market world by introducing more stylish and creative consoles and introducing more latest softwares.
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