Roper Logan and Tierney

Topics: Psychology, Death, Psychiatry Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Patient details: Jean is 86 year old female with heart problems, chronic back pain, Alzheimer’s, suicide attempts and continual thoughts of suicide and depression. Activities of daily living| Assessed needs| Support and care provided| Outcome of plan| Maintaining a safe environment| Jean has had three overdoses of painkillers and been going out and forgetting where she lives and is no longer able to live on her own.| To ensure Jean’s safety she has been referred for psychiatric evaluation and CPN and help look for a place of safety for her to live.| CPN makes regular visits to see Jean and assess her needs. Jean has a safe place to live in a care home where her medication can be monitored. Regular psychiatric appointments.| communication| Wears hearing aid but can communicate her needs.| Can become confused and anxious.| To reassure jean at all times.| breathing| Jean has history of heart failure.| Keep up to date with hospital referrals.| Assist Jean with her hospital referrals.| Eating and drinking| Weight loss due to forgetting to eat.| Monitor weight and referral to dietician, encourage eating meals.| Stabilise weight.| elimination| Forgets to use the toilet on occasions.| To monitor and prompt jean to use the toilet.| Jean is using the toilet more by herself.| Washing and dressing| Forgets to wash and dress.| To assist and encourage Jean to wash and dress.| Jean is now washing and dressing a lot more on her own.| Controlling temperature| Jean feels the cold.| Assist Jean to put on extra clothes when cold.| Jean now has thick cardigans and jumpers.| mobilisation| Can mobilise on her own without the use of any walking aids but has chronic back pain.| To maintain that Jean is not in any pain.| Regular pain relief| Working and playing| Retired from workLoves to dance.| Encourage Jean to join in activities with other residents.| Jean is teaching other residents and staff to dance.| Expressing...
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