Roots of Western Civilization

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Roots of Western Civilization

There roots of the Western civilization is a spectacular thing. It shows all the things the ancient Western civilizations has contributed to us, how they’ve traded with each other making our world more multicultural, and giving us a tradition and way of life to use for years on end. Many things have been contributed the Western civilization by many civilizations. Notable ones are: the concept of zero claimed by many, government from the Persians, democracy from the Greek, the numbers from the Arabs, the gun powder from the Chinese, and the acting from India. I believe these are very important to our modern-day Western civilization for we use them daily, both for serious and simply entertainment uses. There are also less important things such as literature from the Christians, which is frowned upon by many.

These ideas and things came to the Western civilization in many ways and through many things. An obvious one would be that of trade of civilizations and that of commerce. Like how the Romans lived in such an accessible place, many people traded with them for their great ideas for they were in great shape and the Romans their selves took ideas from the Greeks and even Phoenicia.

The West and its tradition means a lot. The West is full of history and culture, that’s it’s so hard to define is just a few sentences. The West has given our world and the worlds of the past so many good things, like math, writing, language, and science. It’s naturally gave us some bad things like religion and a few nasty wars, but it’s full of contributed things nonetheless. The Western tradition is also expressed and used so much in this modern day. Like the Italians making wine, or Americans in thrill of battle, or even the religious traditionalists -whom I disagree with- practicing an ancient religion.

In conclusion, the Western civilization is a very important part of history. It has given our world and the worlds of the past many...
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