Roots of Radical Islam

Topics: Islam, Ottoman Empire, Muhammad Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Roots of Radical Islam

When the words war on terror arises we automatically associate this with radical Islam. We are surrounded today by daily stories from around the world of war and suppression, but where did this all begin? The roots of radical Islam dates back to the year 610 when the birth of Islam prevailed. The prophet Mohamed (pbuh) was sent by Allah (God) to spread the word of this belief and for the next 22 years the Muslim empire grew across the Middle East and Southern Europe. Moreover even after the death of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) the new religion was still expanding and by the 17th century the Muslims were the greatest military force having conquered and converted many people around the world as well as achieving advances in architecture, art, law, mathematics, and science. Muslims had little to do with the west besides battling Christian crusaders, Ottoman Turkey the leading Islamic power in the 16th century viewed the west what Islam expert Bernard Lewis quoted in his book Islam and the West, calls "amused disdain" for its inferior culture and religion. However harmony was broken in the late 17th century when the west regained power of the military superiority and alarm bells rang all over the place. By 1769 the Turks were handed their first defeat by the Russians and instead of conquering the country and leaders, they conquered the Muslims. Within nine years the French occupied Tunisia and Algeria and Russia took parts of Persia, in addition to this Italy the same year took charge of the Libyan state of Tripoli. By the end of World War 1 the Ottoman Empire were completely defeated and lost the Middle East. However the most unforgettable and harsh time for the Muslims at that time was the creation of Israel in 1948, the Arab armies had lost their war to the Jews who at the time were only 600,00 who lived in the new country.

The rise of the Radicals

With all the Muslim countries now being occupied with western values and...
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