Root Cause Analysis and Process

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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* DMAIC produce is considered to bring very important and measurable improvements from old to new current process that are below expectation in a new business. * DMAIC brings them to achieve the new strategy along

* Understand to reflect the business process :
Define : Definition of the process improvement goals, which are consistent with customer requirements and corporate strategy. Measure : Measuring of the current process and gathering of relevant data for subsequent comparison. Analyze : Determination of the causal relationships within the process. Determine what kind of relationship is involved and make sure that all factors have been considered. Improve : Improve or optimize the process based on the analysis, using techniques such as Design of Experiments. Control : Continuously monitor the process as it continues using the measuring systems developed. Set up appropriate corrective actions for anticipated deviations in the process. * Relate with the problem from the case :

Define :
a) IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY: defining the opportunity can be difficult. Some people define the symptoms they experience or the factors causing the most aggravation, others define the solution they want.  It takes time for them to discussing the key problem area and agree on what can be achieved. They define step helps ensure they is focused on the best improvement opportunity. But they Don't have to rush their step that may invest a lot of time on the wrong issues. B) Create the SIPOC: “Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers” When creating SIPOC, this is a high level process map that will serve as the starting point for the detailed production process they will create in the Measure phase of the DMAIC process This puts them in a better position to accurately determine these process.


The most important is they have to start a new journey to know is where they are going. The management team agree...
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