Root Cause Analysis

Topics: Reliability engineering, Failure mode and effects analysis, Root cause analysis Pages: 4 (626 words) Published: April 13, 2013

Root Case Analysis is best input for reliability engineering and predictive maintenance, preventing catastrophic failures of critical plant production system.

Root Case Analysis is a logical approach to problem resolution and develops a cost effective actions that prevent re-occurrences.

• It should not be an attempt to fix blame for the incident. • Need to separate fact from fiction.
• Input data shall not base on conditioning.


1. FMEA: Is a design validation procedure.
2. FAULT-TREE-ANALYSIS: - Method of analysis system reliability and safety. 3. FISHBONE Analysis: - Cause and effect analysis.

Reliability Engineering: - Despite dealing with the probability that a component part, equipment or system will satisfactorily perform its intended function under given circumstances such as environmental conditions, limitation as to operating time, and frequency and toughness maintenance for a specific period of time.

If clarify is there in the problem, no need of root cause analysis; just file report for future reference.

• No training
• Human error
• No supervision
• Misapplication
• Poor maintenance
• Age


• No procedures
• Poor supervision
• No enforcement


• Wrong materials
• Misapplication
• Vendor error

What happened?
Clearly define the specific event, failure or incident
Interview all personnel directly and indirectly involved in the event. Gather physical evidence that will confirm failure mode.

Where did it happen?
Identify the specific machine, system, or area where event occurred. Did it also occur in similar units or is it specific to this location? Preserve all physical evidence and fully document the scene of the event. Pictures, drawings and video are useful tools.

When did it happen?
Clearly define the time frame and sequence of events that bound...
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