Rooster Coop

Topics: India, Caste system in India, Social class Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: June 18, 2012
The Rooster Coop

Darkness and Light. India has suffered from social injustice for many years now. Aravind Adiga, choosing the voice of a person who belongs to the bottom of Indian society, portrays the real harsh India and gives an entirely different way of looking at the world, much harsher, real and cynical than the voice of those who belong to the middle class. Balram, the protagonist in this novel, works his way out of “the Darkness” having nothing but his own wits to help him along. Adiga brings awareness to the fraudulent India caste system by having Balram work the country’s system to get what he desires. His quest to becoming a successful entrepreneur shows the oppression of the lower caste system and the superiority of the upper caste. The writer’s narrative strategy consists of a series of letters written over seven days and nights to Wen Jiabao, the Chinese Premier. He educates him about the truth of the corrupt Bangalore and narrates his experience overthrowing social injustice in order to escape from “the Darkness” and get to “the Light”. Balram often mentions The Rooster Coop when he talks about the situation of the servant class in India. Nevertheless, these chickens are not trying to be free from the poor-constructed cage they live in. For this reason, he claims that, “the very same thing is done with human beings in this country” From this analysis, Balram suggests that responsibility for the suffering of the servant also lies with the mentality of the servant class, which he refers as “perpetual servitude.” According to his philosophy, individual action is the key to break out this Rooster Coop, where most others of his class languish.

Freedom is just accessible to those who can really see the world, make a change and get rid of all the obstacles that are imposed on them by the higher castes. Even though Balram represents half the men in India physically and economically speaking, he himself is a white tiger, one that comes every...
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