"Rooster" by Christopher Bruce

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Review by Paris Day

Rooster is a dance piece choreographed by Christopher Bruce. It was originally premiered by the Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve in 1991. It is a contemporary ballet piece performed by ten dancers to eight of The Rolling Stones’ most memorable hits.

Christopher Bruce based the production on the “sexual war” he witnessed growing up in the 1960’s. His intention was to celebrate the music of The Rolling Stones and use the qualities of the songs to reflect this. The production is set in the 1960’s when the rights of males and females began to equalise.

The lighting during the performance of Rooster is mostly dark and dull. It is very simple with slight colour changes at times, but for the majority of the performance the lights are not overly bright. During solo sections there are also spotlights. Some of the colours included are blue, purple and red.

The costuming for the performance is based on typical 1960’s fashion. The men begin by wearing velvet jackets, colourful shirts and tight pants, all in a range of different colours (except red). Their hair is slicked back and they are wearing ties. They are made to look very dressed up as if they were going out to a club or party in the 1960’s. The women begin the performance dressed identical to one another in short, sleeveless black and red dresses.

In this piece, the colours black and red seem to represent love, passion, anger and aggressiveness. With these costumes, the women have red in their dresses so they have no way of getting rid of it. They are all dressed identically because it represents the way men used to see women; all the same as if they were only objects. The men are all dressed in different colours to show that they are all unique in some way, making them superior to the females.

In “Paint it Black” the male soloist loses his jacket and has a red shirt on. The women change into tighter plain black dresses with a red scarf. In “Ruby Tuesday” the men...
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