Roosevelt a Liberal and Hoover a Conservative

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Michael Menches
AP US History
7 March 2011

Throughout the history of America conflicting beliefs of how the government should affect our lives has been categorized from either a Liberal or a conservative standpoint. A liberal is one who may be considered a radical, one who believes government has a role to play in our lives and moves towards the new age of humanity. Conservatives share a completely different set of beliefs, they believe in the old ways, a government which doesn't influence our lives, and side with the rights of states and the people. According to these beliefs Hoover follows conservative beliefs more or less and Roosevelt follows a more liberal beliefs. These standpoints can be more defined by comparing them with radicals and influential figures of the age.

President Hoover being who he was, was a conservative. Being raised in poverty and still achieving to gain the presidency instilled the idea in him that if he can overcome challenges and economic turmoil so should every other person in the country. Rugged Individualism, as this ideology was called, influenced Hoover against providing direct aid to the people in the Great Depression. To keep the government out of the peoples lives he gave money to business’s and banks with the hope that money would trickle down to the people. As a part of this attempt he created the Reconstruction Finance Corporation in attempt to create jobs for the common people. Providing aver half a billion dollars to indirectly help the poor.(Doc C). Later in his term however Hoover began taking a more liberal stance on important issues. Realizing his previous policies didn't help the people he began asking congress to help fun public work projects. (Doc. B). One of the largest of these projects was the Hoover Dam which provided many jobs to those in need. One of the final changes of heart that Hoover experienced was giving a helping hand to unions. By passing the Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act...
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