Topics: President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, Nobel Peace Prize Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Article Review:
Shot in the Chest 100 Years Ago, Teddy Roosevelt Kept on Talking
Although in today’s day in age many of our presidents or presidential candidates are scrutinized for not doing enough; or glorified for saying what the might do, I believe there is one president who has shown the upmost devotion and stalwartness. Theodore Roosevelt is such a president because he was shot in the chest during a campaign speech. And finished. Roosevelt was also one of the most dignified presidents because of his intellectual and physical elements. As well as the fact he had won a Noble Peace Prize for his efforts as a president.

The article “Shot in the Chest 100 Years Ago, Teddy Roosevelt Kept on Talking” by the History Channel, informs readers about the events that conspired on October 14, 1912. Roosevelt was shot in the chest during the opening line of his campaign speech. In front of the entire audience Roosevelt removed his vest to expose his blood soaked shirt. Roosevelt then produced his 50 page speech from his pocket which contained two bullet holes. Roosevelt confirmed to the audience the notion that he was indeed shot, but continued his speech for another 90 minutes. Bullets have punctured this man’s ribs yet his still had the audacity to complete his campaign speech. In today’s times, if this happened the president would have been immediately sheltered, quarantined and provided with the highest medical care possible. Roosevelt knew that he would be able to continue on, and did so to prove his power and unfaltering devotion towards his presidential position.

Not only was Roosevelt an earnest president, but he was also a man who was very active outside of his presidential duties. Roosevelt was an active hunter as well as a soldier in the American Army. It takes a very resilient man to be able to lead a country, fight for that country, and have leisure time. Roosevelt had also graduated from Harvard University, an Ivy League school;...
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