Rooms Division

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Rooms Division Department

( In order to carry out its mission, global and departmental goals and objectives, every company shall build a formal structure depicting different hierarchy of management, supervision, and employee (staff) levels. This very structure is refereed to as organization chart. Moreover, the organization chart shows reporting relationships span of management, and staff/line functions. ( There are two types of relationships that might exist between any two functions at any organization chart. These are: 1. Solid Lines: (i.e.:((((() this kind of relationship shows Direct Line Accountability. To illustrate, if position A and B are linked with a solid line, it means (for example) that A shall report to B, that B shall tell A what to do, when to do, and how to it. Lastly, B shall be liable (i.e. responsible) for A. 2. Dotted Lines: (i.e. (---------() this kind of relationship entitles both positions linked with dotted lines to have a high degree of Cooperation and Communication but not direct line accountability. Usually in the hotel industry, where the sole aim is to satisfy guests, positions, whatsoever level in the hierarchy they occupy, shall coordinate jointly their efforts so as to provide quality, standard product to their customers. Therefore, examples of dotted lines are numerous in hotel organization charts. ( Every organization chart shall be flexible, to reflect the ever-changing environmental dynamics and, hence be able to survive. In accordance, organization charts shall be reviewed periodically in order to determine whether the actual organization still match the environment needs (i.e. guests, employees, technology, competitor's needs…) or not. A SWOT analysis (i.e.: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) shall be a good start to initiate a change in the organization chart or not. Last but not least, it is of extreme importance that there are no 2 hotels having exactly the same organization chart, and that a hotel might have an organization chart change over time. For, organization charts shall be tailored to fit the needs of each individual property.


1. Rooms Division: In a statistics conducted by the U.S. Lodging Industry in 1995, it has been shown that the majority of hotels revenues (60.2 %) are generated from Rooms Division Department under the form of room sales. This very department provides the services guests expect during their stay in the Hotel. Lastly, the Rooms Division Department is typically composed of five different departments: a) Front Office

b) Reservation
c) Housekeeping
d) Uniformed Services
e) Telephone
Beneath is a brief description of the different departments decomposing the Rooms Division Department, along with their related main responsibilities:

a) Front Office:
( Sell guestrooms; register guests and design guestrooms
( Coordinate guest services
( Provide information
( Maintain accurate room statistics, and room key inventories ( Maintain guest account statements and complete proper financial settlements

b) Reservation:
( Receive and process reservation requests for future overnight accommodations. ( With technology development, the Reservation Department can, on real time, access the number and types of rooms available, various room rates, and furnishings, along with the various facilities existing in the hotel ( There should be close relation-ships with Sales and Marketing Division concerning Large Group Reservations

c) Housekeeping:
( Inspects rooms before they are available for sale
( Cleans occupied and vacant rooms
( Communicates the status of guestrooms to the Front Office Department ( Cleans and presses the property’s linens, towels, and guest clothing (if equipped to do so, free of charge or for a pre-determined fee) ( Maintains recycled and non-recycled inventory items

d) Uniformed Services:
( Bell Attendants: Ensure baggage service...
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