Rooms Division

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Rooms Division
Module Assignment


Gcobisa Gwavu – 2012045
Xola Mgudwa - 20120105

MyPond Hotel****, Port Alfred

Gcobisa Gwavu – 2012045
Xola Mgudwa – 20120105
Group 1B
Tutor: Nelisa Zigana

Stenden University
Port Alfred
South Africa

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of the degree Program International Hospitality Management Declaration
The researchers, Gcobisa Gwavu (student number 2012045) and Xola Mgudwa (student number 2012105 ) acknowledge that plagiarism is when one uses someone else’s work and declares it one’s own, and are aware of the unacceptability and consequences thereof. The researchers hereby declare that the work in this module assignment is their own and no plagiarism has been committed in the process of its compilation. Each contribution to, and quotation in, this module assignment from the work(s) of other people has been attributed and has been cited and referenced.

STUDENT NAME: Gcobisa Gwavu

DATE: 07/12/ 2012


Many contributors assisted with the compilation of this research assignment. A big thank you to MyPond Hotel**** General Manager Thulani Xhali, as well as Joyce Mvela and Margaret Rissik, Housekeeping Supervisor and Rooms Division Manager respectively at MyPond Hotel**** have been very generous with their time and tirelessly answered the researchers’ questions. Special acknowledgment also goes to Module Co-ordinator Megan Walwyn and tutor Nelisa Zigana who have been highly instrumental in offering MACO sessions and availing themselves for consultations regarding the structure of the assignment.

Executive Summary

The researchers were required to break down the different roles of the housekeeping department, and to investigate the facilities, procedures and daily operations within in. The researchers’ hotel of choice is MyPond Hotel**** in Port Alfred, South Africa. Part A includes a description of the hotel, facilities to be cleaned and a two-week roster in the housekeeping department of MyPond Hotel****. This is followed by a cleaning plan, information on working hours, hygiene and the do’s and don’ts of the housekeeping department. This part also covers which cleaning products should be used for which facility, and finishes off with a section on linen control. Part B involves refurnishing and maintenance of a hotel. It includes a detailed renovation plan, information on the importance of finance and hygiene with regard to renovation and ends off with the effects and prevention of deterioration.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary5
Table of Contents6
1.1 Introduction7
1.1.1The Company7
1.1.2Problem Statement7
1.1.4 Facilities of the Hotel8
1.1.5Target Groups8
1.1.6Unique Selling Points8
1.2Existing Facilities to be cleaned by the Housekeeping Department9
1.3Two-week roster for housekeeping staff9
1.3.1 Number of staff required9
1.3.2 Two-week Roster for MyPond Hotel Housekeeping Department10
1.4Cleaning Plan11
1.4.1 Cleaning Schedule12
1.4.2 Hygiene Requirements13
1.4.3 Resources13
1.4.4 Do’s and Don’t’s of Housekeeping13
1.4.5 Cleaning Products to be Used14
1.5Linen Control15
1.1How to refurnish/ maintain the rooms17
1.2Project Plan18
1.3The importance of finance, hygiene and efficiency when renovating19
1.3.3 Efficiency20
1.4Deterioration: Effects and How to Prevent It20

Part A: Spick and Span
1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 The Company

MyPond Hotel**** is situated along the banks of the Kowie River in Port Alfred, in...
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