Roommates: Hatred and New Roommate

Topics: Hatred Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: May 17, 2013

Having a roommate is an experience that can be taken many. For some having a roommate was the worst experience they olive with someone they absolutely hated. And, for some it was the greatest thing that has ever happened to them; they met their closest friend. For me, the experience I have shared with my roommate was not bad but actually quite funny. Not in the haha kind of funny but in the more of an interestingly humorous way that cause someone to passively laugh at the thought of my roommate. Maybe even give me that what a lucky bastard because I hate my roommate. Which I guess is true because I hear more about how much people hating their roommate; rather than having a really cool roommate such as mine.

My roommate’s name is Donika Gjonbalaj . Yet amongst most her friends she is known as Kikaa (kee-ka). I don’t exactly know why that’s her nickname and I never really questioned it either. I assume because it’s easier to say. I mean that what nicknames are generally used for. From my roommates last name it might be hard to tell where she comes from or more less her ethnicity then where she lives. As we all know where you come from and where you live don’t often have anything to do with one another. Her family is Albanian, which is really cool because she can speak the language and everything. But, she grew up in Brooklyn before her family moved to New Jersey.

Me and Donika are actually pretty good friends, we talk about everything with one another it is a little surprising how honest we are and we really take each other’s advice to heart . especially when it comes to guys that we make like or school work because we both happened to be in culinary which comes in handy a lot of the time because it’s like having my own personal tutor. It is weird to think that she is at least a year younger than me do to that fact that she is further in the culinary program than I am. Yet then again when I think about it my maturity level...
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