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After high school everybody make decision to either go to the university or college. Some students prefer to study in the college or university .After that they go home; however , others prefer to study and then stay in the dorm near to their university or college. Staying with a roommate has positive and negative effects. I think in order to get along well with their roommates; college student should work on improving their communication skills.

According to the video 1, if you decide to live in the dorm, you should find a good roommate and then try to meet with him outside the environment. To avoid any misunderstanding it is a good idea for potential roommate to meet first and discuss important issues. For example, they can discuss sleeping time ,the safety, studies, eating and what work they should do at home like cleaning washing dishes and clothes . Moreover, they should decided and take decision about roommate thing like what place to smoke. If they have a good relationship they could become a second family.

According to the video 2, roommates can also get along better when they know how to communicate effectively with each other. There is several steps that will improve your communication skills such as asking open ended question like starting with what, when, why and how , because that will help to make the conversation continue, and also avoid closed question because it close conversation .Also, active listening is important too because if you listen to them you will be able to summarize what they said. In fact when your roommate needs your advice you should make yourself free and tell him your opinion not to apply it and that will improve your relation with your roommate. Indeed, you have to avoid an antagonistic sentence also do not make assumption and do not jump to conclusion because that will help to improve your communication skills.

In conclusion, to live in a dorm with a new roommate need you to improve your communication skills to match...
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