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HM0012-Unit-11-Taking Room Service Order on Telephone
Unit-11-Taking Room Service Order on Telephone
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Taking Room Service Order
11.3 Summary
11.4 Terminal Questions
11.5 Answers
11.1 Introduction
Most room service orders are given by telephone. So the telephone happens to be the first point of contact with the room service staff. So good telephone technique is vital in creating a favorable first impression. Objective:

After completing this unit you should be able to
· Use telephone effectively to take room service orders.
· Understand the method of taking the room service orders.
11.2 Taking Room Service Order
The person taking the order over the telephone must have good knowledge of the menu and professional telephone manners. The telephone must be answered quickly usually within 3 rings. Then pay attention to · The greeting.

· Introduction of the department and self
· Use of the guest’s name.
For E.g.: Good Morning Mr. Mishra. This is Room Service. Merwyn speaking. How may I assist you? Most properties now have telephone systems with a room number and a name display, but if these are not available you should have a current rooming list handy. Try to use the guest’s surname at all stages of room service. After greeting the guest and confirming his or her name, continue as follows: · Write the order down carefully on a order book as you speak to the guest. Do not forget to note down the room number. · Be flexible and helpful if the guest requests items not on the menu. · Repeat the order to the guest, clarifying any doubtful details. · Tell the guest approximately have long it will take for the order to be delivered. · Check that all the details are correctly recorded. Include the time the order used taken. · Enter the order in the computer system.

· Promptly distribute the order to the appropriate personnel both in the Room service department and in the kitchen. Practical Exercise – 17: Taking room service...
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