Room on the Roof Summary

Topics: Friendship, Ruskin Bond, Love Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: June 1, 2013
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-- Rusty : The book revolves around his thoughts, his feelings.It is based on the blooming of his character from a meek , dependent kid to an independent , strong boy.  The poetic thoughts about his surroundings , his positive and strong attitude in all the dark sides of his experiences , his feelings and his friendship are all well explored.His happiness lies in the freedom he has been blessed with by running away and that happiness accompanies him in all his problems and bad days.

--Somi and Ranbir : They are his best pals .What is special is that they are Indians and they are the ones who introduce him to to the Indian life.Being all alone in the Indian side of the town ,they are his only hope and support in times of happiness and troubles.

Mr and Mrs. Kapoor and Kishen : This is the kind family that has given him a job of teaching English to their son Kishen.Inspite of Kishen being a rowdy , rude boy he is attached to Rusty as Rusty is the only one who understands him.

‘THE ROOM ON THE ROOF’ by Ruskin BondReviewed by Saurabh SinghIs it a adore relationship? Or we should call it a moving plot of love and friendship? The classic novel The Room on the Roof by Ruskin bond is in my opinion, a unique and gripping blend of these genres. Written in 1953, it is an epic teenager saga full of excitement, experience, happiness and friendship. The tale is set in Dehradun, focusing on Rusty, his aunt and his friend.The writer focuses on Rusty, a sixteen-year-old Anglo-Indian boy, who is orphaned, and has to live with his English guardian in the claustrophobic European part of the town, in Dehradun. Unhappy with the strict ways of his guardian, Rusty runs away from home to live with his Indian friends. Plunging for the first time into his dreams – the bright world of the bazaar, Hindu festivals and other aspects of Indian life, Rusty is enchanted and is lost forever to the prim proprieties of the European community.I was...
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