Room Inspections in the Military

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Room Inspections in the Military
SGT Davis, Ronald E.

The Army Field Manual 7-22.7 states that, “Sharp appearance, efficient performance, and excellent maintenance are important considerations that affect you directly. They are the earmarks of a good organization and one you should be a proud member of. First line leaders should inspect their soldiers daily and should regularly check soldiers’ rooms in the barracks.” A task in which, I, as PFC Kennedy’s first line supervisor, failed to accomplish. Good order and discipline as well as health and welfare are key aspects in the importance of holding room inspections. Ensuring your living area is clean and serviceable helps promote discipline and reinforces the Army’s importance of standards. The health and welfare of a soldier is important in that it plays a key role in the morale of a soldier. Morale helps to keep soldiers motivated to continue the Army mission. Safety is yet another issue to be aware of and conducting room inspections helps to accomplish this as well.

I once had a First Sergeant who stressed the importance of standards and discipline. Those two words, “standards” and “discipline”, have always stuck with me throughout my military career. You learn the standard and through upholding the standard you gain discipline. My role is to learn the standard and make sure that I pass that standard on to my soldiers and keep those standards enforced. Unfortunately my failure to set and enforce the standard resulted in a lack of discipline on my soldier’s part. I except full responsibility for this lack of discipline since I did not enforce the standards. This is exactly the type of situation which leads to further slips in discipline. One thing I have learned is to be a good soldier you must first build a foundation of self-discipline. Once this is accomplished you have the framework to continue building upon that discipline. It’s important to maintain that discipline to accomplish whatever...
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